Become a jiliko agent and earn a generous commission on every new registration

We offer our agent program extremely competitive commission rates, a very high conversion rate and great customer support. If you want to attract new players, then this is the right place for you! We also provide a personalised commission payment summary for every month which is absolutely transparent and simple to understand.

Advantages of the jiliko agent program

jiliko is one of the best online betting casino in the Philippines, we offers an agent program to its users. Here are some of the advantages of the jiliko agent program:

High commission rates

The commission rates for jiliko agents are very competitive, ranging from 20% to 30% revenue share.

Reliable tracking and reporting

jiliko provides its agents with detailed reporting tools to track their referrals' activity and earnings accurately.

Wide range of products

jiliko offers a wide range of sports and casino betting products that agents can promote, increasing the potential for earnings.

Trusted brand

jiliko is a well-established and reputable brand in the betting industry, which makes it easier for agents to attract new users.

Dedicated support

jiliko offers dedicated support to its agents to ensure that they have all the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Flexible payment options

jiliko offers flexible payment options to its agents, including bank transfers, GCash, Neteller, and PayPal, making it easier for agents to receive their earnings.

How jiliko agent program works?

The jiliko agent program is a great way for agents to earn a steady stream of income by promoting one of the most popular betting brands in the industry

  • Commission structure

Commission Calculation method

Dividend ratio

(Deposit – Withdrawal) Net Gross Profit


  • The calculation and payment of income
  1. Calculate income: total offline member deposits – total withdrawals = net gross profit
  2. Calculation method of monthly income: net gross profit * 30% = commission earned by you.

** Commissions are calculated from the first to the last day of the month. Commissions take 5 working days to calculate.

  1. If the monthly commission is negative, it will accumulate in the next month until the balance is positive.
  2. Transfer when the total amount is 500 PHP.

Become a jiliko agent member today!

  • Step 1 Click on the button

Click on the “Become an Agent” button above to register

  • Step2 Fill in information

Click on the “Become an Agent” button above to register

  • Step 3 Become an agent

After filling in your information and passing the verification, you will become our agent.

  • Step 4 Start recruiting

Next, you can start recruiting members, and if your referred members sign up using your link or QR code, you will receive a commission.

jiliko is dedicated to providing you with a rewarding experience as an affiliate

jiliko is the ultimate online casino experience. Our affiliate program is an easy way to earn commissions by promoting our casino games to friends and family. The affiliate program at jiliko is designed to help you benefit from your promotion. You can earn substantial commissions for every registered member and deposit.