What is Andar Bahar Side Bet?

If you’re an Andar Bahar enthusiast, you’d know that most online games have exciting side bets that can double your chances of winning. First, you have the option to choose which side the first card will be, either Andar or Bahar. You can place your bet on whichever side you believe will get the first match right.
Next, you can place a side bet on the composition of the first three cards dealt by the dealer to the leading position. It’s like predicting which combination you’ll get, such as a straight flush with a 120:1 payout, a straight with 8:1, or a flush with 5:1 payout.
Last but not least, some live Andar Bahar games will even let you bet on the number of cards it will take to match the main card. You can also wager on the value of the cards the dealer cuts, which could increase your chances of winning big. With so many different betting positions to choose from, Andar Bahar guarantees to keep you entertained and in with a chance of striking gold!

Determine the winner or loser of Andabaha

As you enter the bustling casino, you scan the various games on offer. Your eyes finally rest on a table with a group of excited players huddled around it. You walk over and see that they’re playing Andar Bahar. Intrigued, you take a seat and the dealer explains the game.
You can either bet on “Andar” or “Bahar,” which area of the card will match the top card. If you’re right, you win. You can also bet on whether the total number of cards in the game will be odd or even. If your bet matches the actual number, you win.
But then the dealer offers you another option: “Normal Play.” Here, you can bet on the number of cards drawn falling between 41 and 49. This opens up more possibilities for betting and adds to the fun and challenge of the game. Plus, it gives you even more chances to win bonuses.
You ponder the choices before you and decide to go for “Normal Play.” The excitement builds as the dealer shuffles the deck and deals out the cards. As the numbers climb, your heart beats faster, until finally, the total number of cards falls within the range you bet on. You win!
You can’t help but let out a cheer as the dealer hands over your winnings. And with that, you’re hooked. You’ve discovered a new game to add to your list of favorites.

Andar Bahar Payments and RTP

Have you ever played Andar Bahar? Depending on which game developer you choose, the payouts and RTP (return to player) rates may differ slightly. However, these variations are typically not substantial. For instance, the Ezugi variant typically has a payout ratio of 0.9:1 for Andar and 1:1 for Bahar. Meanwhile, the theoretical RTP for the primary bet can be as low as 94.85%, whereas side bets may have a marginally higher RTP at 95.97%.

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